Well, September has flown by faster than a speeding bullet! And it’s already more than a week through October. I have a good excuse though, I have been battling a nasty bug.
Let me start with – I was traveling half of the month. Went into the Northeast from Philly to Quebec and back to Boston with multiple stops along the way. Was not doing research as much as fact verification and playing tourist while promoting my new book. Had a good time and wonderful weather until I picked up a nasty bug on the last day or so. Came home and spent the past three weeks trying to shake loose of this respiratory thing. Lots of coughing, lots of Ugh. Lots of Musinex, lots of cough suppressant, lots of liquids. I am just grateful it didn’t go into pneumonia.
So what has been happening with book 2?
You may know this already but for those who do not………when one writes on their computer, one cannot simply send it to a printer and say “print it.” The inside of a book, all the pages between cover to cover must be designed. Just as a cover is designed.
Designing is how you get a bold impressive first letter to the first paragraph of a new chapter. Designing is how you get the little squiggles that separate the narrative that jumps time or place. It’s how you get consistency of size, font and treatment for the chapter titles. How the page number appears where you want and with what you want (like an author name) and how the page print gets shifted in anticipation of the book binding. And so on.
So while I was traveling my manuscript was with my IBD (inside book designer). As I may have said before, getting a book “out there” is a long tedious process. The IBD also does proofing and edit suggestions. Once I get the manuscript back from the IBD I proof it again. Then it must be submitted with the cover design to the printer and I order up ONE copy to sit down with and go through a final proofing. Once all is checked and corrected, it can be released for your entertainment.
I so dislike picking up a book today and immediately seeing mistake after mistake within the text like spelling, punctuation, etc. Any book of mine has been proofed at least twice before it goes to the IBD, proofed by the IBD, proofed after receiving back from the IBD and before sending to the printer, and finally proofed in sample book form. That’s at least five proofings minimum and still I am sure something slips through. But I try very hard to give my reader the best possible reading experience.
So at this moment, I am readying my manuscript to go to the printer to request a sample book. My experience is that it will take at least a week, or more like two, possibly three, to receive my copy back at which time I shall read the whole book again with an eye out for mistakes. Once those are corrected, the manuscript is re-submitted and I can release the publication for YOU!
I’m very excited about book 2 (Huguenot II: Building the Dream) It picks up exactly where book 1 ended. Jacques and Marie are expecting their first child, building a new house and a new community based on lumber harvesting while Richard continues the fur trade. None of which is without its challenges and complications as new people move in and Marie’s Indian friends are pushed out.
I hope you will enjoy it………and please let me know that you did.

Best regards,
D.C. Force, author