The Huguenot


Two Men, One Woman, and a New World that Offers Endless Possibilities . . .

The Huguenot II

Building the Dream

The New World holds unlimited opportunities and Jacques, Marie, and Richard do not lack the courage to pursue them – no matter the challenges. . .

The Tower of Constance

A Huguenot series novella

She was snatched from her life and cruelly condemned for her faith. But with her indomitable spirit, she still manages to help her fellow prisoners and find love…

The Huguenot and The Heathen

The 3rd full length novel in the Huguenot series

Follow John, the eldest son of Jacques and Marie as he deals with love, loss, and conflict on the frontier….

The Huguenot and The Heathen II

The 4th full length novel in the Huguenot series

After finally returning home and reuniting with his family, John and the rest of the Power family face new challenges and heartbreaks…

The Huguenot series

*Contains scenes not appropriate for those under the age of 18.

a High Crime…

Louis XIV rescinds the Edict of Nantes which had ensured every French Protestant protection under the law. Overnight, it is a High Crime to practice the Huguenot Faith!

The Huguenot: Flight from Terror

Jacques-Jean is a charming, honorable young man who lives a peaceful, privileged life within the dukedom of his Catholic father. A bastard raised in his Huguenot mother’s faith, he unexpectedly becomes his father’s heir. Life seems deceptively idyllic until October 1685. Louis XIV revokes Protestant protection under the law. It is now a high crime to practice the Huguenot Faith. Thanks to a jealous relative, Jacques must flee for his life and does so with his best friend Richard, and Marie, a tag-a-long young servant girl. They all look to the New World English colonies to give them a chance to live free and prosper. The men learn to trade in furs and support Marie in establishing a trading post in the wilderness. The only problem – Richard falls in love with Marie, while Marie has always been in love with Jacques. And the local Indians can’t understand why “her men” are always leaving her in solitude which constitutes serious punishment in their world…

The Huguenot II: Building the Dream

With a price still on his head, Jacques decides to stay well within British territory, protect his wife, and build a community while Richard prefers to continue to travel the fur trade routes they established within French land. Jacques and Marie begin to put down roots. Other settlers join them including Scots, Swedes, Germans, English, as well as other Huguenots. Jacques establishes a lumber mill, Marie’s trading post grows into a general store, and the babies come. But life is not without its stresses– natural disasters, injuries, unrequited love, visiting in-laws, renegade attacks, attracting doctors and teachers to the small community, and a jealous little sociopath who tries to steal Jacques by turning Marie into an opium addict… just to mention a few.

The Tower of Constance (ebook)

After his father dies, Jacques’ mother is sentenced to life in prison in the dreaded Tower of Constance. Her crime? She was married by a Protestant pastor but no longer has a powerful Catholic husband to protect her. She orders her lawyer to tell her son she is dead. Life at the prison is dehumanizing and dangerously unhealthy. It would be unbearable and short if Duke Jean-Philippe had not made provision for her care through his lawyers. Hélène discovers money will buy almost anything – but freedom. As she provides desperately needed food and blankets to her sister prisoners who have no money, she attracts the attention of the warden who falls under her spell. Working for prison reforms she proves a woman’s appeal does not end just because she is over 50…

The Hugenot and the Heathen book image

The Huguenot and the Heathen

Eldest son John experiences more tragic heartbreak by the time he is 21 than anyone should have to endure. To bury his feelings, he joins the British Colonial Military and meets a ten year old Indian girl who has experienced enough personal violence to drive most mad. As John becomes an experienced Indian fighter we are drawn into the culture of the Native Americans, their differences as various tribes and their perspective. But through it all, will John ever be able to heal his heart and love again?

The Hugenot and the Heathen book image

The Huguenot and the Heathen II

For the first time in over ten years, Captain John Power feels whole again. He takes leave from his military career on the frontier and returns home to introduce his new wife and children to his parents and siblings whom he loves and has missed. Just as he is about to return to his life on the frontier, tragedy strikes, sending the entire family into mourning. As the family starts to recover from their loss, outside forces continue to provide them challenges.

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You Won’t Put it Down

AMAZING. I have always had trouble finding books to dive into, but D. C Force is truly an amazing author. The character development was fabulous. The plot riveting and kept me on the edge of my seat. The author gifted me a signed copy of the second book and I cannot wait to start.

A definite must for historical fiction fans

Finally…a historical fiction novel with depth! It captured my attention from the beginning and held it through to the end. Loved this and can’t wait to read the second book.

Couldn't put this book down

This was the most incredible book from start to finish. It kept my attention from the very first sentence to the last page. Don’t miss this book especially if you’re interested in this time in world history

Second book in a series of four

The research for this series is apparent and well documented as it unfolds in the story. The characters are strong and keeps you turning the pages to see what transpires next. Anxious to see the next two novels.

It just keeps getting better!!

I LOVE these people. Can’t wait to read the next one

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