Good News! The Huguenot and The Heathen – the 3rd full length novel in the Huguenot series – is now available for purchase!  The Huguenot and the Heathen book image

This next installment of the Huguenot series follows John, the eldest son of Jacques and Marie as he deals with love, loss, and conflict on the frontier. John experiences more tragic heartbreak by the time he is 21 than anyone should have to endure. To bury his feelings, he joins the British Colonial Military and meets a ten year old Indian girl who has experienced enough personal violence to drive most mad. As John becomes an experienced Indian fighter we are drawn into the culture of the Native Americans, their differences as various tribes and their perspective. But through it all, will John ever be able to heal his heart and love again?

Please enjoy this next chapter of the Huguenot saga by picking up your copy wherever books and ebooks are sold.

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