It is difficult to express the excitement an author feels at finally actually getting their book out into print. It is a long, painstaking, and tedious process if one cares about producing a quality product. And I am referring to the process AFTER the actual manuscript has been created. Never mind the years that may go into that effort.

The release of The Huguenot (which is the first book in what I am calling THE HUGUENOT SERIES) is the culmination of a work begun well over fifteen years ago. Once the manuscript was “finished” I quickly realized the love story was not. Rather than producing a 500+ page tome I decided to break it into Huguenot Part I and Huguenot Part II. Then the Tower of Constance rose as a side story needing to be told and the second generation took me into The Huguenot and the Heathen.

Having these stories finished for the most part, up to the “painstaking and tedious process” part, I now look forward to giving my readers the subsequent books in this series at a rather predictable and acceptable pace over the next two years. Like you, I, too, despair of having to wait a decade to read the next book in a series. This should not occur here.

The story of the Huguenots is one that has long lay untold to any great extend. Only in the last part of the 20th century did France and the Papacy of Rome formally apologize for what had been done to hundreds of thousands only because they chose Protestantism over Catholicism.

I truly hope this series shall bring an easier way to absorb and digest history as well as entertainment, enjoyment, amusement and understanding.

Best always,

your author,

D.C. Force